Cradle Mountain towers over the Overland Track

CATEGORY #: AUST-2017/001, LOCATION: Tasmania, Australia

An Orca breaches briefly during an Elephant Seal chase

CATEGORY #: AUST-2017/002, LOCATION: Macquarie Island

An Echidna takes a break whilst feeding on black ants

CATEGORY #: AUST-2017/003, LOCATION: Australia

The red glow of the setting sun bounces off clouds over the city skyline

CATEGORY #: AUST-2017004, LOCATION: Sydney, Australia

A freshly born Weddell Seal pup cries out to it's mother

CATEGORY #: AUST-2017005, LOCATION: Macquarie Island

A Macquarie Island Blue-Eyed Shag prepares for take off

CATEGORY #: AUST-2017/006, LOCATION: Macquarie Island

Mt Wedge towers over Autumn colours

CATEGORY #: AUST-2017/007, LOCATION: Mt Wedge Wilderness Area, Tasmania

Taking care of some house keeping

CATEGORY #: AUST-2017/008, LOCATION: Coles Bay, Tasmania

Endless sunset in the great Australian Outback

CATEGORY #: AUST-2017/009, LOCATION: Somewhere in Outback South Australia

The timeless icon that is the Sydney Opera House

CATEGORY #: AUST-2017/010, LOCATION: Sydney Harbour, Sydney