Pink sunset over the Mekong River

CATEGORY #: ASIA-2010/001, LOCATION: 4000 Islands, Laos

A local fisherman rests at his home among the Floating Village

CATEGORY #: ASIA-2010/002, LOCATION: Cambodia

A young girl runs out of her home to say hello!

CATEGORY #: ASIA-2010/003, LOCATION: Cambodia

A Monk rests upon the steps of Angkor Wat

CATEGORY #: ASIA-2004/001, LOCATION: Cambodia

The magnificent Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque at sundown

CATEGORY #: ASIA-2018/001, LOCATION: Abu Dhabi

Local Dogs follow you everywhere on Olkhon Island

CATEGORY #: ASIA-2009/001, LOCATION: Lake Baikal, Russia

Singapore Flag on Government Building

CATEGORY #: ASIA-2018/002, LOCATION: Singapore

Inside the grand Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

CATEGORY #: ASIA-2018/003, LOCATION: Macquarie Island

A Statue guards the entrance to Shuri Castle

CATEGORY #: ASIA-2018/004, LOCATION: Okinawa, Japan

Ornate carvings of Angkor Wat

CATEGORY #: ASIA-2010/004, LOCATION: Cambodia